Designed to allow people to have a direct impact on democracy by pressuring politicians into making changes to laws or policies, petitions are usually taken seriously. But this isn’t always the case. Here’s a list of some weird and wonderful requests which have all been submitted to the UK government for consideration in recent years:

Make Monday part of the Weekend

We all hate going into work on a Monday morning after a weekend socializing with friends and playing Spider Solitaire Classic, but one person took this fear of the start of the working week too far. They called for Monday to be incorporated into a three-day long weekend! Of course, the petition was rejected.

Make my Housemates do the Washing Up

Again, not many of us enjoy doing the chores – but most of us get on with it, rather than calling for the government to intervene! In this case, the petition starter with a dirty, plate-strewn kitchen was attempting to make their housemate do the washing up ‘for once in their pathetic lives’.

Make MPs Earn the Minimum Wage

This one was rejected on the basis that it’s the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority’s job to decide how much Members of Parliament should be paid, rather than MPs themselves. It’s not totally clear why MPs would have voted for this anyway!

Ban Piers Morgan from Twitter

The former editor of the Mirror newspaper and judge of Britain’s Got Talent loves nothing more than winding people up on the social media platform. Unfortunately, MPs have no power to ban him from Twitter altogether, so the petition was rejected.

Stop People Starting Petitions for no Reason

We think this could actually be a good idea! Although the petition was turned down – again due to a lack of Parliamentary authority on the matter – people should use petitions properly, as this article hopefully emphasises.