Every Little Hurts is a site that values political activism.

We recognise that protests, rallies, marches and petitions can achieve something that our usual democratic systems cannot: giving the people a voice.

On this website, you’ll find a number of articles revolving around famous political activists, successful petitions that have had an impact on UK and US laws and policies, and the laws around rallying and marches, which thousands take part in each and every year.


Petitions are a way for a group of citizens to raise awareness about a cause and pressure the government to enact change in areas related to this cause. They are commonly used in western democracies and a number of our articles are related to petitions in both the UK and the US, including those that were successful and others that were just plain ridiculous!

You can find out more about petitions here.


In this section, we’ll take a look at two of the UK’s most outspoken and well-known political activists, Vivienne Westwood and Joanna Lumley. Having made their name in other pursuits, the two have more recently concentrated on pressuring the government regarding their many causes, which include the environment and the right of Gurkhas to settle in the UK.

Read about all these and more in our dedicated activism section.


Rallies are a way to make your voice heard. Whether you’re planning a march of thousands or you want a peaceful protest to ensure your message gets across, they’re a vital part of democracy.

Read more in the Rallies section of the website, including laws around rallies in the UK and how to organize one.

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